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Bring the comfort of inside your home to your garden. Stop by for a look at our collections of patio furniture and wide selection of plants.

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Tools & Fasteners stocks all the latest trends in outdoor living.

Our professional staff can help you plan your garden with our top quality patio furniture and garden accessories.   


Our durable, high-quality and competitively priced products include:

  • tables and chairs
  • benches
  • rockers
  • grills
  • firepits
  • outdoor lighting

Drop by and have a look!


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Here are just a few of our featured patio products.

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Tools & Fasteners has a wide selection of lawn and garden tools, from simple hand tools to heavy-duty power equipment. We stock top brand lawnmowers, edgers and other garden equipment. 


Our garden department also stocks superior quality plants, fertiliser, weed killer, pesticides and everything that you need to keep your lawn and garden looking their best.  


Picture gallery: a few of our featured lawn and garden products

Here are just a few of our featured lawn and garden products.


Tools & Fasteners

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